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About Basic Computer Courses

From small shops to large-cap business there is one common thing that is required and it’s a Computer. Universally it is installed, with Microsoft Office which is known as basic software to operate a computer fully. For the general public, it’s just common software but it can be used at an optimum level if you have enough knowledge.

For professionals, it makes life easy & improves work efficiency. This Basic course contains a basic understanding of Desktop and Laptop machines along with smart access to internet. In this course, we start from Basic typing to Notepad, Paint Wordpad, Word, Excel, Advance Excel, Powerpoint, and Daily Internet Basics.

This is a basic course and its very important for every person. Those who want to start a career in IT and even for personal use, this course is very useful. In this course, we will cover very basic typing to MS office software. Everyone can learn this course. Kids, Students, Business Owner, Senior citizens all can learn Basic Computer.

Basic Computer Courses


Fundamentals of Computer

2 Months

The Computer Fundamentals course is an entry-level training course which targets to develop basic computer literacy among the candidates.


English / Gujarati Typing

1 Month

Our Typing Course helps you how to type in order to increase your typing speed and accuracy.


MS Office

2 Months

Microsoft Office is a fundamental desktop application. It facilitates to organize, manage, and present information.


Internet and Social Media

1 Month

This course includes sending/receiving email, sending and receiving attachments via email, using a web browser, finding resources through search engines, etc.


Course on Computer Concept (CCC)

3 Months

CCC course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy programme for the common man. This helps the business communities, housewives, etc.


Diploma in Computer Application

3 Months

This is perfect for those students whose basic interest is to master the field of Computer Science and also to work for IT firms.


Computer Hardware & Networking

1.5 Month

The course enables them to figure out and fix hardware and network issues related to computers and other such devices.

Shree Academy Advnaced Excel.webp

Advanced Excel

2 Months

This course includes the advanced functionality of Excel. This course includes Formulas, Pivot tables, All types of charts, etc.

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