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JAVA Technology is based on software works from the smallest electronic device to super-computers! Above all, now JAVA training in Rajkot has become important in a networked world of Information Technology. We have the best Java institute in Rajkot and Shree Academy is among one of them. It is among the top-notch Java classes in Rajkot.

​After the successful completion of the java course in Rajkot the candidate becomes eligible for multiple job roles. Particularly, the candidate become eligible to apply as an android developer, Java UI developer, Java programmer and much more.

​Shree Academy provides a Java course in Rajkot. At our institute, we have a team of a certified trainer and also industry experts. The course content is designed based on industrial requirements. Our experts have their hand on real-time projects and also give practical examples while teaching. Shree Academy is among the top-notch Java training institute in Rajkot.

​The advantages of training at our institute include flexibility of time. Furthermore, we also provide weekend classes and fast track classes. We have a team of HR experts to help you with interviews and placement calls. Our fees are also moderate compared to other Java academy in Rajkot. At our institute we also provide internship opportunities. We also help our students with placement in best of multinational companies across the country.

​As Shree Academy is the best JAVA coaching institute in Rajkot, Shree Academy provides the best coaching to the students. so the students can start a career in a different field and achieve goals. Contact our counselor today and start your training with Shree Academy the best coaching center in Rajkot.











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Why Shree Academy?

- Job-oriented, industry-centric curriculum

- We provide personal coaching

- Training by Expert Faculty

- 100% Job Assistance

- Online Examination

- Online Verifiable Certificate

- An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute

- Free Online Material Access

- AC Classrooms & Computer Lab

- Flexible Timing for professional student

JAVA Course Duration

2 Months

60 Hours

JAVA Course Content

Basics of Java
 Java - What, Where and Why?
 History and Features of Java
 Internals of Java Program
 Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM
 Internal Details of JVM
 Variable and Data Type
 Unicode System
 Naming Convention

OOPS Conecpts
 Advantage of OOPs
 Object and Class
 Method Overloading
 static variable, method and block
 this keyword
 Inheritance (IS-A)
 Aggregation and Composition(HAS-A)
 Method Overriding
 Covariant Return Type
 super keyword
 Instance Initializer block
 final keyword
 Runtime Polymorphism
 static and Dynamic binding
 Abstract class and Interface
 Downcasting with instanceof operator
 Package and Access Modifiers
 Object class
 Object Cloning
 Java Array
 Call By Value and Call By Reference
 strictfp keyword
 Creating API Document

String Handling
 String : What and Why?
 Immutable String
 String Comparison
 String Concatenation
 Methods of String class
 StringBuffer class
 StringBuilder class
 Creating Immutable class
 toString method
 StringTokenizer class

Exception Handling
 Exception Handling : What and Why?
 try and catch block
 Multiple catch block
 Nested try
 finally block
 throw keyword
 Exception Propagation
 throws keyword
 Exception Handling with Method Overriding
 Custom Exception

Nested Classes
 Nested Class : What and Why?
 Member Inner class
 Annonymous Inner class
 Local Inner class
 static nested class
 Nested Interface

 Multithreading : What and Why?
 Life Cycle of a Thread
 Creating Thread
 Thread Schedular
 Sleeping a thread
 Joining a thread
 Thread Priority
 Daemon Thread
 Thread Pooling
 Thread Group
 Performing multiple task by multiple thread
 Garbage Collection
 Runnable class

 Synchronization : What and Why?
 synchronized method
 synchronized block
 static synchronization
 Inter-thread Communication
 Interrupting Thread

Input and output
 FileOutputStream & FileInputStream
 BufferedOutputStream & BufferedInputStream
 FileWriter & FileReader
 Input from keyboard by InputStreamReader
 Input from keyboard by Console
 Input from keyboard by Scanner
 PrintStream class
 PrintWriter class
 Compressing and Uncompressing File
 Reading and Writing data simultaneously
 DataInputStream and DataOutputStream
 StreamTokenizer class

 Serialization & Deserialization
 Serialization with IS-A and Has-A
 transient keyword

 Socket Programming
 URL class
 Displaying data of a web page
 InetAddress class
 DatagramSocket and DatagramPacket
 Two way communication

AWT and EventHandling
 AWT Controls
 Event Handling by 3 ways
 Event classes and Listener Interfaces
 Adapter classes
 Creating Games and Applications

 Basics of Swing
 JButton class
 JRadioButton class
 JTextArea class
 JComboBox class
 JTable class
 JColorChooser class
 JProgressBar class
 JSlider class
 Digital Watch
 Graphics in swing
 Displaying Image
 Edit Menu for Notepad
 Open Dialog Box
 Creating Notepad
 Creating Games and applications


 Life Cycle of Applet
 Graphics in Applet
 Displaying image in Applet
 Animation in Applet
 EventHandling in Applet
 JApplet class
 Painting in Applet
 Digital Clock in Applet
 Analog Clock in Applet
 Parameter in Applet
 Applet Communication
 Creating Games

Reflection API
 Reflection API
 newInstance() & Determining the class object
 javap tool
 creating javap tool
 creating appletviewer
 Accessing private method from outside the class

 Collection Framework
 ArrayList class
 LinkedList class
 ListIterator interface
 HashSet class
 LinkedHashSet class
 TreeSet class
 PriorityQueue class
 ArrayDeque class
 Map interface
 HashMap class
 LinkedHashMap class
 TreeMap class
 Hashtable class
 Comparable and Comparator
 Properties class

 JDBC Drivers
 Steps to connect to the database
 Connectivity with Oracle
 Connectivity with MySQL
 Connectivity with Access without DSN
 Connection interface
 Statement interface
 ResultSet interface
 Storing image
 Retrieving image
 Storing file
 Retrieving file
 Stored procedures and functions
 Transaction Management
 Batch Processing
 JDBC New Features
 Mini Project

Java New Features
 For-each loop
 Static Import
 Autoboxing and Unboxing
 Enum Type

 ResourceBundle class
 I18N with Date
 I18N with Time
 I18N with Number
 I18N with Currency

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