Best English Advanced Level Courses in Rajkot

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An advanced three-month course is very helpful to empower yourself. Advanced spoken English classes will develop your confidence. It helps to enhance your idea/information with others using English words in a specific way. Proper arrangements of words in meaningful sentences. We learn to speak what we want to express confidently and fearlessly. Nowadays English has become an important skill in the corporate world and useful internationally. Whenever we migrate to the foreign countries for any business or education knowledge of English is a must which will help him in high esteemed company/ institute organizations where most people prefer conversation.

At Shree Academy, we will make sure that the root cause of fear with uncomfortable speech will be resolved. It prepares in business English for effective communication giving crucial support. It will help them to converse effectively in the corporative language with employees.

As Shree Academy is the best English Advanced Level coaching institute in Rajkot, Shree Academy provides the best coaching to the students. so the students can start a career in a different field and achieve goals. Contact our counselor today and start your training with Shree Academy the best coaching center in Rajkot.











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Why Shree Academy?

- Job-oriented, industry-centric curriculum

- We provide personal coaching

- Training by Expert Faculty

- 100% Job Assistance

- Online Examination

- Online Verifiable Certificate

- An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute

- Free Online Material Access

- AC Classrooms & Computer Lab

- Flexible Timing for professional student

English Advanced Level Course Duration

3 Months

90 Hours Approx.

English Advanced Level Course Content

Chepter 1 Introduction 

Chepter 2 Salutation words, Roman Numbers 

Chepter 3 Vocabulary 

Chepter 4 Grammar 

  • Parts of Speech 

  • Nouns 

  • Articles 

  • Adjectives 

  • Adverbs 

  • Pronouns 

  • Prepositions 

  • Interjections 

  • Conjunctions 

  • Punctuations 

  • Subject and predicate 

  • Sentences 

Chepter 5 Tenses 

  • All Present Tense 

  • All Past Tense 

  • All Future Tense 

Chepter 6 Modal Auxiliaries 

Chepter 7 Degrees 

Chepter 8 Active - Passive Voice 

Chepter 9 Direct - Indirect 

Chepter 10 Listening 

  • Before you Listen 

  • While you Listen 

  • After You Listen 

  • Listening Tasks 

Chepter 11 Writing 

  • A for and against essay about online communication Reports Writing 

  • All type of Cover Letter Writing 

  • Email Writing 

  • Intoducing yourself on a blog 

  • A web tool review 

  • Describing a graph of trends over time 

Chepter 12 Reading  

Chepter 13 Speaking 

  • Introductory Questions 

  • Group Discussion 

  • Debate 

  • Story from given picture 

  • Presentation 

  • Business Communcation 

  • Book Talk 

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