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Is it possible to learn English within a few months?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Everybody of today’s era has the same question, whether it is possible to speak in English within 2-3 months’ time of span. The answer is yes, it is possible. But wait, it is not that simple as well. Let us just put some light on it.

Shree Academy, Rajkot and its whole team has discovered a syllabus and text full contents after considering scientific research with more than 50 experts. In this research, it is derived that if there is actually a great flow of understanding the basics of any language, especially English which is spoken worldwide and listened a lot, too, it will be grasped in a snap. For that, of course, a torrent should be there. We have aimed to deliver everything what we possess in terms of language, grammar, practice works, and mock tests and so on. In addition to that, regularity and sincerity of the student plays an actually vital role to make this question answered. We believe in sincerity, not seriousness; regularity, not presence; discipline, not comfort zone. Foremost tie the knot that English is a phonation and we all can speak 26 alphabets of the linguistic effusively even better than our mother-tongue. You can try it out right now to prove us incorrect!

Inclusion, any language is taught with 4 sets of modules, i.e. L S R W – Listening Speaking Reading Writing. An infant doesn’t know what to speak, in which language with which word to say, but it listens to its surrounding people, tone and usage. Then, it is helped to speak basic words of humming, repetitive letters and all to make it understand the practical implementation. At some age, it is shown something in images and asked to identify those objects, yeah, one of the learning process and then lastly, writing comes into practice by kneeling a letter few times, be it of any language pronounced in the world. Moreover, analytical point of view pushes to make it fun and a child’s play but a single hand can’t play a flute. Efforts from the faculty and implementation from the students merge; create a solution to be prepared as an English Learner and Aspirant.

Lastly, nothing is impossible. We all are here in this world to learn. So, learn, you’ll win for sure.



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