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How IELTS Band Score is calculated?

All IELTS scores range from 0 to 9. It can be in 0.5 as well such as 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, etc. Each skill consists of a band score along with an overall band. The overall band score is an average of all the skills. Just like that;

Listening - 8

Reading - 7.5

Writing - 7

Speaking - 7.5

Overall - 7.5

As explained on the IELTS Website, the overall test result is calculated to the nearest 0.5 or the nearest whole band score. Below are some of the examples of how this works as per the IELTS:

  • If the score is 6.1, the score will go down to 6. This is the nearest whole band score. In other words, 6.1 is closer to 6 than to 6.5.

  • If the overall score is calculated to be 6.85, the final result would be 7. This is because 6.85 is closer to 7 than that to 6.5.

  • If the overall score would be 6.25, then the final would be increased to 6.5. The score 6.25 is actually precisely between band 6 and 6.5, so IELTS will push it up to the nearest score which is 6.5.

Shree Academy, Rajkot is coming up with individual band assessment criterion for IELTS along with descriptors of the same.



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