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If you are planning to excel your career as a video editor, you need a training that goes beyond the basics while getting into the nitty-gritty of what is needed in the real world of video editing. Get the skills you need to become a professional video editor by enrolling yourself with Shree Academy. Our video editing training in Rajkot includes the usage of best digital tools through which you will get all your basics cleared from story structure, editing techniques to video compression and colour correction.

Our video editing training in Rajkot is led by experienced professionals who are pro in all the facets of video editing including capturing, editing and encoding. Our tutorials are a perfect combination of footage testing, editing theory, and timeline demonstration. We also train you with the secondary skills in case you want to get equipped with high-end video editing.

After completion of our video editing training in Rajkot, you will be confident to embark on your own projects.

Video Editing Courses