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IELTS – Getting 9 Bands possible in Listening?

The answer is Yes, it is truly possible to get 9 Bands out of 9 in IELTS Listening Module. In this article, we exactly explain what actually to be taken care in Listening Tasks.

First and foremost, some of the facts for IELTS Listening are:

  • There are basically 4 sections on the IELTS Listening Test

  1. Section – 1: Dialogue – On a General Topic

  2. Section – 2: Monologue – On a General Topic

  3. Section – 3: Dialogue – On an Academic Topic

  4. Section – 4: Monologue – On an Academic Topic

  • The Listening Test takes around 40 Minutes in total; around 30 Minutes for Listening the Audio with a single flow & 10 Extra Minutes for transferring answers to the answer sheet.

  • One Mark is awarded for each correct answer.

  • In almost every test center, the Listening Test is held before the Reading and Writing Portions of the IELTS Examination.

Firmly, Shree Academy, Rajkot and its faculty team member help you out to grab the opportunity not to lose even a half band. Here are some of the tips and tricks to increase your band score, they are;

  1. Use Block (Capital) Letters in each of the answers in the final answer sheet.

  2. Keep ears opened for the whole 30 minutes while the recording is going on and allow your hands to write on their own.

  3. Singular and Plural Words make a vast difference, hence, cut your marks very smoothly if anyone is done, instead.

  4. Try understanding British Accent and Australian Accent in terms of listening to get used to it.

  5. At the end of total 40 minutes, the entire answer sheet should be read twice actually.

These are basic tips to accomplish decided high score. But, for that, several steps are to be taken and they are;

  • Improvement in general listening skills to exercise materials like Web Series, TV Shows, Documentaries, Podcasts, Radio, Reports, etc.

  • Polish the Vocabulary and Lexical

  • Try to be focused carefully

  • Do not focus on prediction as it is not a GK Test, it’s an IELTS; respective to miss the question, if any

  • Watch out words – Indicators i.e. however, but, then, finally

  • Check Singular–Plural, Spelling & Grammar, Word Forms

  • Accuracy in the final answers are required the most, without excuses

  • Do not leave any of the answers blank

Kindly be noted that more tricks and techniques are there which can be discussed personally by the institute.



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