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Adobe InDesign is perfectly framed desktop publishing software for designing unique brochures, flyers, magazines, newspapers, books and other documentation. Main feature of Adobe InDesign is the flexibility to share the documents created in both digital and print media. Adobe InDesign can support publishing the documents for print, online as well as tabled viewing.

​InDesign offers extensive typographic and color controls to the designers which brings together images, vector graphics, charts, PDFs, text and other additional decorative elements in one location to generate a complete digital file for either print or online use. With so many features and capabilities, InDesign provides a vast support to graphic artists and publishing technicians to design and publish their work across various platforms. InDesign handles single as well as multi page publications to facilitate its users for creating e-books, digital magazines, and other content for viewing on tablet computers.

​Adobe InDesign is mainly used by many offset commercial printing companies. It is the most commonly and widely used application for graphic designers, particularly who work with print media and online document sharing. It is also used by individuals, companies and writers to design and publish and share their documents and books.

​You will learn:

- In this course your will learn the overall working of Adobe InDesign application. Start from creating a blank document and setting up the workspace as per your requirement.
- Next you will learn working with different drawing tools, transformations and modifiers to create exclusive artwork and designs for your publication.
- You will learn to create title text and paragraph text and apply different settings and formatting to enhance your work, controlling the flow of the text and moving your content across different pages and sections.
- Further you will learn to apply different effects to your objects, graphics and text to make your document more appealing.
- Apart from designing and creating your publication you will learn other major features for sharing, publishing and exporting your designs to different platform and medias to share it for print, tablet as well as online.

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Adobe InDesign Course Duration

2 Months

60 Hours

Adobe InDesign Course Content


Letter Creation

  • Setting Preferences
  • The Control Panel
  • Text Frames
  • Basic Text Attributes
  • Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

Large Type Letter

  • More Text Attributes

More Text Styling

  • Baseline Shift
  • Small Caps
  • Line Tool
  • Making Proper Fractions

Magazine Ad

  • Setting Up a Document Bleed
  • Placing Images
  • Combining Text and Images
  • White Type on a Black Background

Advanced Word Processing/Formatting

  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Tabs


Professional Typesetting Techniques

  • Bulleted Lists
  • Hanging Bullets
  • Hyphenation
  • Discretionary Hyphens
  • Special Break Characters


  • Optical vs. Metric Kerning
  • Kerning vs. Tracking
  • Manual Kerning

2–Page Magazine Ad

  • Facing Pages
  • Colour Swatches
  • Defining Colours

Sporktown Brochure

  • Placing Text, Photos, & Illustrations
  • Gradient Swatches
  • Drop Shadows
  • Alignment
  • Text Wrap


Drawing Bezier Curves

  • Pen Tool
  • Segments, Anchor Points, Curves

Multiple Column Ad with Text Wrap

  • Multiple Text Columns
  • Drop Caps
  • Baseline Grid
  • Text Wrap

Magazine Cover

  • Placing Transparent Art
  • Defining & Using Colour Swatches
  • Type on a Path


Style Sheets in a Magazine Article

  • Paragraph Styles
  • Character Styles
  • Nested Styles


  • Creating Tables
  • Placing Excel Tables (with their formatting)
  • Auto-Flowing across Multiple Pages
  • Table Headers
  • Formatting Tables (fills, strokes, etc.)

Anchored Frames

  • Anchoring Frames So They Reflow with Text
  • Positioning Anchored Objects


Leaders Magazine—Master Pages & 1st Article

  • Master Pages
  • Spanning Columns
  • Step & Repeat
  • Paragraph and Character Styles

Leaders Magazine—Libraries & More

  • Libraries

Leaders Magazine—Searches & Spell Check

  • Spell Checking
  • Find/Change



The Lawyer Joke Book: Setting it Up

  • Master Pages
  • Automatic Page Numbers
  • Automatic Text Flow
  • Running Heads

The Lawyer Joke Book: Styling the Text

  • Paragraph Rules
  • Baseline Grid
  • Find/Change with Paragraph Formatting

Table of Contents Creation

  • Table of Contents Defining & Building
  • Table of Contents Formatting & Updating

Books: Creating

  • Using Multiple Files to Create a Book
  • Synchronizing Files

Books: Auto Page Numbering

  • Auto Page Number across Files

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