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Best Cyber Security Course In Rajkot

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Master Your Skills in Cyber Security Today!

​Data plays a key role in the IT industry and thus there’s an immense need for security to protect the system from the attacks. It’s wise to opt for cyber security training in Rajkot that will help safeguard your system and essential data from the cyber threats.

​We, at Shree Academy, provide comprehend cyber security training in Rajkot where you will learn to tackle the cyber security issues through real-world examples, hands-on lab training and expert guidance. In our training program, you will gain knowledge to fill skill-set gaps, meet the mandate and secure your critical assets and systems.

​We offer one of the best Cyber Security training in India which equips you with the required skill-set to become an expert in the ever-growing industry. Upon completion of the training, you’ll be able to understand its fundamental concepts, cryptography, essential aspects of data endpoint security, DAM, application security, cyber-attacks and much more.

​As Shree Academy is the best Cyber Security coaching institute in Rajkot, Shree Academy provides the best coaching to the students. so the students can start a career in a different field and achieve goals. Contact our counselor today and start your training with Shree Academy the best coaching center in Rajkot.











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Why Shree Academy?


Job-oriented, industry-centric curriculum


Online Examination


AC Classrooms & Computer Lab


We provide personal coaching


Online Verifiable Certificate


Flexible Timing for professional student


Training by Expert Faculty


An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute


Theory + Practical Study Approach


100% Job Assistance


Free Online Material Access


Institute is Located on Prime Location

Cyber Security Course Duration

2 Months

60 Hours

Cyber Security Course Content

Module 1 | Cyber Security

| Cryptography : Science of Data Security

| WIFI Security

| Website Security

| Desktop and Laptop Security

| Operating System Security

| Data Privacy and Security

| Locate Your Missing Cell Phone

| Secure Private Data Destruction

| Facebook Security

| Email Security

| WhatsApp Security

| Android Security

| Online Transaction Security

| Block USB Devices on LAPTOP

| Prevent COPY files from your LAPTOP

| Disable AUTORUN Files on Windows

| Remove AUTORUN Files on Windows

| Data Protection from USB Data Theft Set Password FILE | FOLDER | DRIVE |PEN DRIVE


| Set Security : FILE | FOLDER | DRIVE

Module 2 | Cyber Crime Investigation

Intro To Investigation

| Cyber Crime Introduction

| Cyber Law Introduction

| Forensics Introduction

Data Recovery

| Recover Deleted Files From Laptop or Desktop HDD

| Recover Deleted Files From Pen Drive

| Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

| Recover Deleted Data from Android Phone Memory

| Data Recovery : Recover DELETED CONTACTS LIST and SMS from Mobile Phone

Email Investigation

| Email Tracing and Tracking

| Find Email Headers

| Trace IP from Email Header

| Fake Email Identification

IP Address Tracking and Tracing

| Send Mail To Track IP Address of Email Receiver

| IP Address Tracing and Tracking

| Find Your Public IP Address

| Tracking IP Address of Hacker

| Tracing IP Address of Hacker

| Finding Which WIFI Criminal Has Used

Computer Forensics

| Find Specific File on Laptop or Android

| Find Hidden Files

| Find Hidden Drives

| Find Encrypted Files

| Use of Deep Freeze

| Use of Live CD

| Last Changed and Open Files Info

| USB Use History Info

| System Saved Password Decryption : Browser | WIFI | Windows | FB Password Decryptor

| Find Last Activity on Laptop

| Find Web Search on Internet : Browser Forensics

| Find Installed Programs on Windows

| Find File on LAN Easiest Way

Anti-Forensic Techniques

| Permanent Delete Evidence : ERASER

| Web History Destruction

| Leave NO Traces of Browsing on Laptop : Portable Softwares

| Delete Internet History Permanently that cannot be Recovered

| Modify REAL TIME STAMP of Any File

| WIPE Full HDD with No Recovery Possible

Person Investigation

| Finding Person Info using T

| Finding Person Info using N

| Finding Family Details of Person using E

| Finding Full Resolution Picture of Instagram User

| Finding Fake Profile using Image Search Technology

Advance Surveillance

| Track any vehicle using GPS Tracker

| IP Camera online View

Deep Web

| The Deep Web : A Dark side of Internet

| The Deep Web : Investigating The Deep Web

CDS : Case Investigation Case Studies

| FB Hacking Investigation

| FB Harassment Case Investigation

| FB Blackmailing Case Investigation

| Email Hacking Investigation

| Bank Account Hacking Investigation

| Credit Card Account Hacking Investigation

| Website Defacement Case Investigation

| Website Hacking Investigation

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