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Android Training in Rajkot is growing rapidly in the digital world. Everything is at fingertips and that has led to a growing demand of android developers in the market. With an immense growth in Android phones and tablets, this platform is going to grow tremendously. Android has become a part of our everyday lives.

​Shree Academy is one of the leading Android Training institute in Rajkot which provides Android Training in Rajkot. Along with other courses, we also provide the best Android Course in Rajkot. Our experts give the best Android Application Training in Rajkot along with a clear focus on aiding placement calls. Our fees are also moderate as compared to other Android classes in Rajkot. We also have a team of HR experts who handle the interview calls.

​At our Android institute in Rajkot, we also provide time flexibility. Along with that, we also provide weekend classes. Our trainers are certified and are mostly industrial experts.

​Enhance your skills through innovative learning and accelerate your career with us at Shree Academy. In the Android Application Course in Rajkot, you will learn basic components of the Android platform, development of the application, event handling, building widget and other components, UI Design and so on. At our institute for Android training in Rajkot, we teach everything right from the basics to the advance level.

The courses are designed based on industrial requirements. After the completion of course we help students to get placements in best of MNCs with our team of HR experts. We also provide time flexibility.

We have a team of trainers who are certified and are mostly industrial experts. At our institute, we ensure not only training in android but entire app development process. Therefore, we are among the top notch Android institute in Rajkot.

​As Shree Academy is the best Android App Development coaching institute in Rajkot, Shree Academy provides the best coaching to the students. so the students can start a career in a different field and achieve goals. Contact our counselor today and start your training with Shree Academy the best coaching center in Rajkot.











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Why Shree Academy?

- Job-oriented, industry-centric curriculum

- We provide personal coaching

- Training by Expert Faculty

- 100% Job Assistance

- Online Examination

- Online Verifiable Certificate

- An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute

- Free Online Material Access

- AC Classrooms & Computer Lab

- Flexible Timing for professional student

Android App Development Course Duration

3 Months

90 Hours Approx.

Android App Development Course Content



  • Introduction of Java
  • History of Java
  • Features of Java
  • Tools you need to run java programming
  • How to setup java language and run a java program
  • Basic Syntax in java
  • Java Identifiers, keywords, comments and blank lines
  • Basic datatypes in java
  • Java Literals
  • Basic operators in java
  • Decision making statements
  • Different loop statements with loop control statements
  • Arrays in java
  • Methods in java
  • Object oriented programming features in java
  • Abstract and interface in java
  • Packages in java
  • The Number Class, Character class and String Class in java
  • Java Date and Time class
  • Java Files and I/O
  • Creating directories in java
  • Command line arguments in java
  • Regular expression in java
  • Exception handling in java
  • Inner class in java
  • Basics of Applets in java
  • Basics of Multithreading in java
  • Serialization in java
  • Collections and generics in java



  • Overview of android
  • What is android? Why android? Features of android? Android Applications Categories of android applications. History of android. What is API Level?
  • Android Environment Setup
  • Setup java development kit and android studio
  • Android Architecture
  • Linux Kernel, Libraries, Android libraries and Android runtime and Application framework, Applications
  • Android Application Components
  • Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers, content providers and Additional components
  • Hello World Example in Android
  • Create Android Application, Anatomy of Android Application, The main activity file, the manifest file, The String file, The R File, The Layout file, The Layout file and running the application
  • Android Resources Organizing & Accessing
  • Organize resource in android studio, Alternative resources, accessing resources (Accessing resources in code and Accessing resources in xml)
  • Activity lifecycle in Android
  • Services in Android
  • Android Broadcast Receivers
  • Creating a broadcast receiver, registering broadcast receiver, broadcasting custom Intents
  • Android Content Providers
  • Content URIs, Create content providers
  • Android Fragments
  • Fragment Lifecycle, how to use fragments, Types of fragments.
  • Android Intents and filters
  • Basics of Intents: Intent objects action, data, category, extras, flags, component name, Types of Intents: implicit and explicit intents, Intent filters



  • UI Layouts
  • Basics of UI Layout, Android Layout Types, Layout attributes, view identification
  • Android UI Controls
  • Basics of UI Controls, different UI Controls, create UI controls
  • Event Handling in Android
  • Event listeners, Event listeners’ registration, Event handlers, an example of event handling
  • Android Styles and Themes
  • Defining styles, using styles, style inheritance, applying colours to theme attributes, using a custom nine-patch with buttons, android themes, styling the colour pallet, default styles and themes.
  • Android Custom Components
  • Basics of android custom components, creating a simple custom components, custom component with custom attributes



  • Android Internal Storage
  • Writing file, reading file with a complete example
  • Android SQLite Database
  • Database – Package, Database – Creation, Database – Insertion, Database – Fetching, Database – Helper Class, A complete example of database operations in SQLite.



  • XML Parser
  • DOM, SAX and Pull Parsers, XML – Elements, XML – Parsing with a complete example
  • JSON Parser
  • JSON – Elements and JSON – Parsing
  • MYSQL Connectivity using android web services



  • Android – Drag and Drop
  • The Drag/Drop Process, The Drag/Event Class, Listening for Drag Event, Starting a Drag Event, A complete example.
  • Android Notifications
  • What is notifications? Create and send notifications, The Notification Compat, Builder Class, A complete example of it
  • Android Location Based Services
  • Basics of android location based services, the location object, get the current location, get the updated location, location quality of service, displaying a location address, A complete example of it.
  • Android Sending Email
  • Basics of sending email, Intent object – action to send email, Intent object – action to send email, Intent Object – Data/Type to send email, Intent Object – Extra to send email, A complete example.
  • Android Sending SMS
  • Sms Manager API, Built in SMS Application, A complete example
  • Android Phone Calls
  • Introduction, Intent Object – Action to make phone call, Intent object – data/type to make phone call, a complete example
  • Publishing Android Application
  • Android application development process, export android application process, google play registration, singing your app manually, some of App Markets



  • A complete project from scratch.

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