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Course Highlights

Introduction to Course

ASP.Net Training Course with Job Placement At Shree Academy will enhance your knowledge of theory and practical concepts through a live real-time project on We provide the best assistance you require in becoming a successful ASP.NET Developer. Acquire knowledge of how to develop highly reliable and secure websites and web applications using ASP.Net Platform. Asp.Net is an open-source.Net framework developed by Microsoft. It is mainly designed to build robust, data-driven websites, real-time applications. It uses languages like C#, VB and tool Visual Studio for programming. The main concepts of include Architecture, server control, validation, applications, MVC, panel control, web form, debugging, error handling, API, Stack, heap, boxing, etc… ASP Dot Net is flexible compared to other platforms. As it supports Microsoft the company itself is considered as the most popular in the technology. Its WYSIWYG editor makes the data stable and safe. It can be run in many Operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.. You can build your career ASP.NET Developer, Ios and Android app development, Robotics, Automation, Cloud computing and much more. Most popular websites like GoDaddy, Dell, StackOverflow and more using ASP.NET MVC. Shree Academy Trainers offers online led instructor classes for You can join online or offline classroom as per your convenience. As Shree Academy is the best ASP.Net coaching institute in Rajkot, Shree Academy provides the best coaching to the students. so the students can start a career in a different field and achieve goals. Contact our counselor today and start your training with Shree Academy the best coaching center in Rajkot.

Significant jobs associated with

Completing an ASP.NET course can provide you with various job opportunities in the field of web development, software engineering, and application development. ASP.NET is a popular web development framework developed by Microsoft. Here are some potential job roles you can consider after completing an ASP.NET course: 1. ASP.NET Developer: As an ASP.NET developer, you'll work on designing, developing, and maintaining web applications using the ASP.NET framework. You'll utilize programming languages like C# or Visual Basic.NET, along with other web technologies, to build robust and scalable web solutions. 2. Full-Stack Developer: Full-stack developers are proficient in both front-end and back-end development. With your ASP.NET knowledge, you can work on both client-side and server-side components of web applications, handling user interfaces, database integration, and server logic. 3. Web Application Developer: Web application developers specialize in creating dynamic and interactive web applications. With ASP.NET skills, you can work on developing feature-rich and data-driven applications, utilizing the capabilities of ASP.NET, databases, and other technologies. 4. Backend Developer: Backend developers focus on server-side programming and database management. With ASP.NET skills, you can work on implementing server logic, handling data storage and retrieval, and ensuring the performance and security of web applications. 5. Web API Developer: ASP.NET Web API allows you to create and expose APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for web services. As a Web API developer, you'll work on designing and developing APIs that enable data exchange and integration between different software systems and applications. 6. Software Engineer: ASP.NET skills can be beneficial in general software engineering roles. As a software engineer, you'll utilize ASP.NET along with other technologies to design, develop, and maintain software systems, collaborate with teams, and solve complex technical challenges. 7. SharePoint Developer: SharePoint is a popular collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. With ASP.NET and SharePoint skills, you can specialize in developing custom SharePoint solutions, creating workflows, and integrating SharePoint with other systems. 8. Sitecore Developer: Sitecore is a content management system (CMS) that utilizes ASP.NET as its underlying framework. As a Sitecore developer, you'll work on creating and customizing websites and web applications using the Sitecore CMS and ASP.NET technologies. 9. Application Support Engineer: Application support engineers provide technical support and troubleshoot issues related to ASP.NET-based applications. You'll work with customers, identify and resolve software issues, and provide guidance on using and maintaining ASP.NET applications. 10. Freelance Developer: Many businesses and organizations look for freelance ASP.NET developers to work on specific projects or provide ongoing support. As a freelance developer, you can offer your ASP.NET expertise to clients, working remotely or on a contract basis. These are just a few examples of the job opportunities that can be pursued after completing an ASP.NET course. The specific roles available may vary depending on your location, industry, and level of experience. Building a strong portfolio of ASP.NET projects, gaining practical experience through internships or personal projects, and staying updated with the latest ASP.NET technologies and frameworks can significantly enhance your job prospects in the web development and software engineering fields.

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Our expert level courses are designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills in specific fields, allowing students to deepen their expertise and excel in their chosen profession. These courses are tailored for individuals who have a solid foundation in the subject matter and are seeking to further enhance their understanding and capabilities.

We are committed to providing you with a stimulating and enriching learning experience that equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your chosen field.

Web Programming Introduction

  • Understanding role of Web Server and Web Browser.

  • Brief about HTTP Protocol.

  • HTTP Request structure.

  • Form Tag and comparison between Get and Post methods.

  • HTTP Response Structure

HTML and JavaScript

  • Understanding HTML Form Tag and elements within it.

  • Javascript using Sample Programs.

Traditional ASP Basics

  • Introduction to ASP.

  • How ASP Works.

  • ASP Objects.

  • Installing IIs on Windows 7 & Windows 8.

  • Sample Programs.

  • Importance’s of Form tag and how it works.

ASP.NET Introduction & Controls

  • ASP.NET Introduction

  • First ASP.NET Application.

  • Auto Postback Property.

  • Event Handler Parameters.

  • Dynamically intializing Controls

  • IsPostBack property of Page class

  • ListControls

  • Comparison between HtmlControls and WebControls

  • Control Properties and Methods

  • FileUpload Control

ASP.NET Architecture

  • What is AppDomain?

  • Life Cycle of ASP.NET Page

  • How Control Manages its State

  • What is EnableViewState

  • How Control raises events

  • Event handling in Web Forms

  • Writing Custom Classes in WebApplication

CSS & Themes

  • Work with CSS

  • Use Themes to Customize a Site

  • Name Skins within a Theme

  • Do server-side Styles using Themes

  • Add contents of a Theme and Skin

  • Apply themes and Profiles.

Redirecting User to Another Page

  • Redirecting Options

  • Response.Redirect

  • Server.Transfer

  • Cross Page Postback

  • Determine how the pages was invoked

  • Passing values between pages

Master Pages

  • Introduction to MasterPage

  • ContentPlaceHolder and Content tags

  • Accessing controls of MasterPage in ContentPage

  • URL's in MasterPages

  • UniqueID and ClientID

Working with User Control

  • Overview of User Controls

  • Creating a User Control

  • Adding Properties to User Control

  • Adding Events to User Control

  • Using User Control in Web Form

  • Rendering Clients Scripts Using Page.ClientScript methods

Validation Controls

  • Base Validator

  • Required Field Validator

  • Compare Validator

  • Range Validator

  • Regular Expression Validator

  • Custom Validator

  • Causes Validation Property

  • Grouping - Validation Group Property

  • Page.Validators and Page.IsValid

ASP.NET State Management

  • Static Members

  • View State

  • Hidden Field in Form

  • Query String

  • HttpContext

  • Cookies-HttpCookie

  • Sessions-HttpSessionState

  • Application-HttpApplicationState

  • Summary of All Features

WebConfiguration File and Global.asax

  • Introduction to Configuration files

  • Page setting in web.config

  • Custom Errors

  • URL Re-Writing

  • Tracing

  • Using ConfigSource Attribute

  • Using Location Section

  • HttpApplication class-Global.asax

Authentication & Authorization

  • What is Authentication and Authorization

  • Types of Authentication

  • Forms Authentication

  • Role based Authentication

  • Windows and Basic Authentication

  • What is ASP.NET Impersonation

  • Using location section in web.config

Application Service Providers

  • ASP.NET Providers Introduction

  • Membership Providers

  • Role Providers

  • Writing Custom Providers

  • Profile Providers

  • Web Parts Personalization Providers

Data Bound Controls

  • Databinding traditional way

  • SqlDataSource

  • GridView

  • DetailsView

  • FormView

  • DataList

  • Repeater

  • ListView

  • DataPager

Web Caching

  • Why Caching

  • Types of Caching

  • SQL Cache Invalidation

Globalization and Localization

  • Definitions

  • Creating Resource files for different cultures

  • Designing the WebForm & linking controls to keys in Resource files

  • Alternatives to intialize culture settings of the page.


  • What is AJAX

  • What is AJAX.NET

  • Script Manager

  • Update Panel

  • Update Progress

  • Timer

  • AJAX Control Toolkit

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Student Reviews

These are the stories that keep us so motivated to continue doing what we’re doing, and we’re so happy to hear that Students had a great experience. 


4.5 (499)


4.5 (796)


I recently completed the course at Shree Academy in Rajkot, and it was an incredible learning experience. The trainers at Shree Academy are highly knowledgeable and provided comprehensive training on development. The course covered essential topics like web forms, MVC, and database integration. The practical exercises and real-world projects helped me gain hands-on experience in development.

Jignesh M.

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